Gordon Lightfoot

Hi'way songs (Audio)

When I walk the hills so high
'round the town where I was born
New York seems so far away,
though I was there just yesterday (fine)

I have played on my guitar
in coffeehouses, halls and bars
Everyone that I call friend
knows they will not be forgot.

Trains and planes and rented cars,
singers, saints and other stars
I suspect them every one
They'll never change, it's too much fun.

Just for now I'd like to rest
in the shade of a maple tree
To the blue Canadian sky
I'll say a prayer for the world out there.

When I stand on my own sod,
it feels so good to be home, by God
The winter wind has turned my head
But I always came up warm somehow.

Bottles, beads and cigarettes
and lovers that I ain't found yet
Picking with a friend till dawn
and singing all of those hi'way songs.


da capo al fine


I would travel all my life,
if loneliness was not the price
While heading north across that line's
the only time I'm flying

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