Rupert Holmes

Him (Video)

Over by the window
There's a pack of cigarettes
Not my brand, you understand
Sometimes the girl forgets
She forgets to hide them
I know who left those smokes behind
She'll say: Oh, he's just a friend
And I'll say: Oh, I'm not blind to --

Him, him, him
What's she gonna do about him
She's gonna have to do without him
Or do without
Me, me, me
No one gets to get it for free
It's me or it's him.

Don't know what he looks like
Don't know who he is
Don't know why she thought that 
I would say what's mine is his
I don't want to own her
But I can't let her have it both ways
Three is one too many of us
She leaves with me, or stays with --


Ooh, ooh, ooh... 

If she wants, she can have me
Just exactly how we once were
It's goodbye to you and I
Back to me and her without --


Time for me to make the girl see
It's me or it's 


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