Mors principium est

Hijo de la luna (Video)

Can you see the moon and the stars
They are shining so bright
|: Forever and then,
worship the moon and the wolf in the night :|

The planets so large, so far
The sky blue of sun, so beautiful
Never saw this rising, behind the stars
Why the moon is still here
Space is neverending,
why the moon is still here.

Luna quieres ser madre
y no encuentras querer que te haga mujer
Dime, luna de plata:
Qué pretendes hacer con un niño de piel?
Hijo de la Luna.



Oh how small we are
When compare us to the universe
When your galaxies
and planets float in the silence of space.

Now the sun is rising
maybe for the last time
can I feel the sun
Why we keep high the sun.

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