And now the time has come, vacation time, we plan to travel
I know it sounds insane, but in a plane I just unravel
A bus is not for us, with seven kids would not make our day
It's slow, and long I know, but we'll go highway.

Problems, though there'll be some, we won't succumb to our frustrations
If when, our twins, aged two, do what they doo, there are changing stations
We'll cruise as smooth as Tom, cool Dad and Mom, we're mapped... aaah
On course, screamed out and hoarse, but going highway!

If we get bored, always an out, back roads explored, a scenic route
If we get lost, no trying task, directions, too, my wife will ask
Like that "Great Race", or Chevy Chase, we'll hit the highway!

Through towns with funny names we'll drive and sing, read all the road signs
Have fun, and make up games, see places where there once were coal mines
And if the van breaks down, we'll clown around, no do or die way
Watch traffic, have a laugh, along the highway

For what is man, if he can't see real joys of life, his family?
When we reach DisneyWorld today, we'll jump out, kiss the ground, and say
How glad we are we got this far by going highway!

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