Julio Iglesias

Hey (Video)

Hey, it's wonderful to see you once again
to see you smile and hear you call my name
There is so much to say
Hey, it isn't accidental that we met
Your love is something that I can't forget
So I wander your way.

Hey, if one of us won't try to dry the tears
tomorrow is the world of yesteryears
Let us live for today
Hey, although we played a game of love and lost
I wouldn't change a single dream because
if you loose you must pay.

It's true, I've had so many other loves to share
But I will close my eyes and you'll be there
No matter where I go, you're ev'rywhere
If you come back to me and see how much I care
I only want to live if you are there
to give your love to me.

Hey, don't let me spend another day alone
remember all the happiness we've known
let's relive yesterday
Hey, we've known a world of loneliness and pain
We'll never make the same mistakes again
if only you'll stay.

Chorus (bis)

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