Nana Mouskouri

He's gone away

He was just a stranger to me
Though at first he hardly knew me
His devotion, his emotion
Like an ocean swept right through me.

For a while he loved me sweetly
And it broke my heart completly
When my true love found a new love
And he left me so alone.

He is gone away, and it's all over now
Won't waste a day, wondering why or wondering how
Love didn't last, and my world went astray
Time flew too fast, I will love another day
What's past is past now, and he's gone away.

Once I couldn't live without him
I was too in love to doubt him
Then my true love found a new love
Now I never think about him.

Just sometimes as night is falling
In my heart I start recalling
How he told me when he told me
He would love me all my life.


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