Dave Edmunds

Here comes the week-end (Video)

Monday ain't a fun day, Tuesday's a blue day
Wednesday's a frenzy, Thursday's the worst day
Friday is great 'cause I can hardly wait
until the week-end.

I should be clocking in at eight but I'm a little late
Can't blame my baby, 'cause I took her on a date
Two till ten and then it's Friday again,
here come the week-end.

|: Here come the week-end :|
My working week's so tough
I think I've had enough
until the week-end.

I've had an overdose of doctor's notes
But it just don't ease the pain
Going on the sick don't do the trick
Sooner or later I'll be clocking in again.

Working like a dog, more than ten hours a day
Never see enough from my take-home pay
They pay me for my shift like I was given a gift,
here come the week-end.



Someday I'll be able to forget my working day
Life will be a grin because my ship is coming in
Everything will go my way, and I won't have to say,
here come the week-end.


|: |: Here come the week-end :| :|

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