The Tremeloes

Here comes my baby (Video*)

In the midnight moonlight hour
I'm walking a long and lonely mile
And every time I do,
I keep seeing this picture of you.

Here comes my baby, here she comes now
And it comes as no surprise to me, with another guy
Here comes my baby, here she comes now,
walking with a love, with a love that's all so fine
Never could be mine, no matter how I try.

You never walk alone
And you're forever talking on the phone
I've tried to call you names,
but every time it comes out the same.



*I'm still waiting for your heart,
*'cause I'm sure that some day it's gonna start
*You'll be mine to hold each day,
*but 'til then this is all that I can say:


*beim verlinkten Liveauftritt fehlt leider die letzten Strophe.

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