Tom Jones

Help yourself (Video) (Audio)

Love is like candy on a shelf
You want to taste and help yourself
The sweetest things are there for you
Help yourself, take a few
That's what I want you to do.

We're alwdays told repeatedly:
The very best in life is free
And if you want to prove it's true
Baby I'm telling you
This is what you should do:

Just help yourself to my lips, to my arms
Just say the word, and they are yours
Just help yourself to the love in my heart
Your smile has opened up the door
The greatest wealth that exists in the world
could never buy what I can give
Just help yourself to my lips, to my arms
And then lets really start to live.

(All right, yeah)

My heart has love enough for two,
more than enough for me and you
I'm rich with love, a millionaire
I've so much, it's unfair
Why don't you take a share?

Chorus (bis)

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