Hello today (Audio)

The darkest night, so full of sorrow,
must disappear with the passing of time
My lonely heart longs for tomorrow,
if tomorrow is mine.

Hello today, what will you bring,
brand new songs for me to sing?
Will you bring happiness to my door,
or just bitter tears I've cried before?
If you make my dreams all come true,
all my life I'll be thankful to you.*

In all the world there must be someone
No man's an island, they say, and it's true
Please help me find my special someone
I'm depending on you.

Chorus (bis)

|: All my life I'll be thankful to you :|

*2x "all" fast aufeinander, und 1x "thankful" statt "grateful" - das verdient den Munch! Auch der Rest des Textes ist eine Mischung aus Lübke- und Wörterbuchenglisch, die so kein "native speaker" gebrauchen würde.

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