Marianne Faithfull

He'll come back to me (Audio)

Do you hear what I hear?
Or can I have been deceived?
Voices singing, bells are ringing
They say: He'll come back to me.

Though he's gone in my sleep
As if he were here with me,
He'll be back now, I can tell now
You'll see: He'll come back to me.

Once more, once more
Tell me that he's still sure.
I know, I know
that he loves me much more
And I'll be here waiting
until he comes back to me.


There's one thing you should know:
Just how much I love him so.
Though he hurt me, he won't desert me
And now: He'll come back to me.

dal $egno al fine


So you see, patiently
I'll be waiting here for his call
Voices singing, church bells ringing
to say: Please come back to me!

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