Dolly Dots


If you ever get to Trinidad (Hela-di-ladi-lo),
you should taste the rum they've got (Hela-di-ladi-lo)
They have got the limbo beat (Hela-di-ladi-lo)
It would get you on your feet (Hela hela ho).

It's the sun and it's the rum
which will get you in the mood for fun
Moonlight dancing all night long
Singing to a limbo song
Tell me, is there more you need?
You won't find it anywhere
We love Trinidad and the rum they've got
Hope you will like it, too
We love Trinidad, it's the place for you.

Oh, we love Trinidad (Hela-di-ladi-lo),
and the rum they've got (Hela-di-ladi-lo)
Oh, island in the sun (Hela-di-ladi-lo)
Go and you'll have fun (Hela hela ho).

Watch a limbo show, it's the place to go,
dancing all night long
Where's the place they've got the rum?
It's Trinidad, it's Trinidad!
Where's the place with all the sun?

|: |: La la la... (Hela-di-ladi-lo) :| :|

I'm okay and you're okay,
if you dance the limbo every day
I never thought that I could dance so long
But all that rum sure makes you strong
Come with us and please join in
It's always hard when you begin
Join the limbo show, and before you know,
you will steal the show.

Chorus (bis)

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