Peggy March

He is back again (Video)

He is back again -- what will he do?
I guess he's back to make me blue
He doesn't love me, he doesn't care, but I'm such a fool
Anytime he calls I know I'll be there.

He is back again to break my heart
The way he lied tore me apart
But I want him and need him so -- how can I be cool?
He is back again, I can't let him go.

He turns my life so upside down and in doubt
I don't know what he wants of me
I guess he knows that I can't live without him
That's the way it was always meant to be.

He is back again, so I'll just pray
He'll want me now, and he will say
that he'll never leave again, and he loves me, too
He is back again -- what will he do?

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