Sandie Shaw

Heaven knows I' m missing him now (Video) (Audio)

At first he meant no more than anymore to me
Just forward right I gladly went along
Like a fool I took the chances,
thought that I had all the answers
Now I realize -- too late -- that I was wrong.

[And] Heaven knows I really miss him more than            
anyone who ever loved before
I know I'm so lost without him somehow 
Heaven knows I can't go on much longer
(...?) my feeling's getting stronger
Need him, (...?) him 
'cause Heaven knows I'm missing him now.

How could it be that someone worldly wise like me
could be so blind and be the last to know
I spent a lifetime waiting for him
When he came I never saw him
What a fool I was to ever let him go!

Chorus (bis)

Heaven knows I'm missing him now!

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