Julio Iglesias


It's so hard to hide the way that I feel
when deep down inside a love that is real
Is no longer mine, don't ask me to leave
when you know that love was all I could give.

But as long as a star keeps on lighting the sky
And as long as the oceans will never run dry
That's how long I will love you, though you've said goodbye
Won't you please come back to me? Don't set me free.

I recall how I longed for each day to begin
Nothing mattered to me but to love, Gwendolyne
But now that you have gone and the hard days moved in
There's nothing left for me (fine)

Please don't ask me to forget,
to forget about the past
Don't you know that I regret
that our love just couldn't last
I believe that I will live
my life for you alone.

dal $egno al fine

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