Damita Jo

Grown-up games (Audio)

Children fly in model planes 
and ride on old electric trains,
play at being musketeers -- that's children's games
Then, as time goes by they find
they've changed and they've outgrown their mind
Now they play with pain and tears -- that's grown-up games. 

Ooh! To be a child again...
Ooh! To think that wild again...

Children play Monopoly
They want all the property
I shot the dice, and now I'm lost at grown-up games
I've move from happiness to pain
I never wanna play again
Inside I just can't stamp the post of grown-up games.

Ooh! To be a child again... 
Ooh! To be allowed to think that wild again...

Here am I, just a woman
When things got rough I only turned and ran
When I was young and things went wrong for me
I would always sit and cry on mama's knee -- sweet, sweet mama's knee.

If only mama would have stayed
Mama's gone, and I'm afraid
I'd trade my soul for one more day of childrens' games
How long can I live for the past?
It hurts, but now I know at last:
We're all just little children |: playing grown-up games :|

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