Leapy Lee

Green green trees (Video)

First there is a little tiny seed
that's hidden deep beneath the ground
Would you believe it?
Soon that seed will push its way
Up from all the heavy clay
Up toward the light of day
Growing, always growing.

Green green trees, see them reaching for the sky
Green green trees, oh my word, they grow so high
Cedars, willows, birches, oaks, and many more
Green green trees, oh how wunderful, how wunderful they are.
Soon there grows an apple
that will ripen and then fall upon the ground
Would you believe it?
Soon another seed is sown
and another tree has grown
with an appel of its own
Growing, only growing.


All the time there'll be a tree
that shivers in the gentle summer breeze
Would you come see it?
Listening to ev'ry bird
Listening to ev'ry word
Never saying what I've heard
Growing, only growing.


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