Massimo Ranieri

Goodbye my love

Once our love was like a flower, 
a young and tender rose, we'd watch it grow each day
But now, beneath the autumn skies,
just like a rose that dies, our love must fade away.

Time may heal the pain we know, 
soon another love will grow.

[So/*And] it's goodbye my love, just say goodbye my love
One day you'll find another rose beneath that snow.

Goodbye my love forever
Please try to be strong as I leave you now
Goodbye my love, forgive me
Don't cry, you and I will get by somehow
(*|:) It's sad that love like ours 
should die as we say our last goodbye (*:|) (fine)

La la la...

Once our love was like the sea 
that no one can divide, so very deep and wide
Now, beyond the shifting sand, 
a silent, unseen hand has somehow turned the tide

Once the future seemed so clear, 
now these final words are here.

dal $egno al fine*

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