Caterina Caselli

Goodbye my love (Video)

Goodbye my love, let go my hand
For you must try to understand
The time has co-o-o-o-o-me 
Before we find that it's too late
Before our love turns into hate
instead of something wonderful

Goodbye my love, don't hold me, go
For if I turn my head I know
that I will cry-y-y-y-y
Our love was never meant to die

It was fine while it lasted
But you took my love for granted
Now, and I'll be fair
And you would care now and then
But you've hurt me again and again and again

So I'm leaving you today
And there is nothing more to say
($) I go away-ay-ay-ay-ay
And when you think that you have learned
That happiness (...?) will return
Then I will run into your arms again

Goodbye my love, don't be surprised
if you see tears fall from my eyes (fine)
It's just that I-I-I-I-I 
find it so hard to say goodbye


dal $egno al fine

|: Goodbye my love :|

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