Richard Barnes

Go north (Video)

I'm getting mighty tired of southern comfort, 
of things that take the appetite from life
Sometimes at night I seem to hear a voice say: go north!

I guess I've had my fill of southern comfort
I can hear the highway calling me to roam
And all the time the voices keep on singing: go home!
Go home, get back, go north my friend,
and see the world before it ends
Go home, get back, go north and send
a message to your love:

She's like a cool oasis in the desert
I close my eyes, she's all around and I know
that she's the place that's telling me to go to, go home!

The road ahead's becoming somewhat clearer,
with lights appearing all along the way
The lion needs the scorpion much nearer to home - take me home!

Chorus (3x)

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