Eddie Hodges

Girls, girls, girls (Audio)

My father looked at me one day, said, son, it's plain to see
that you're getting older and should have a talk with me
You'll soon be going on lots of dates, as to a man you grow
And there's one important thing every boy should know - and that is:

|: Girls, girls, girls were made to love :|

That's why some have eyes of blue
That's why some stand five foot two - 'cause
girls, girls, girls were made to love.

One day soon you'll have a date and you'll take her home that night
Then you'll find you'll wonder, would a kiss be right?
The more you look, the more you'll find those doubts will fill your head
But think real hard and you might recall what your old dad said - he said that


That's why you watch them walk down the street
That's why their kisses taste awfull' sweet, 'cause
girls, girls, girls were made to love (fine)

Then you'll meet that special girl who'll sweep your off your feet
You'll want to say you love her, but you'll find it hard to speak
This is a time when you'll find it's better left unsaid
Just tell her like I've told your mom with a kiss instead:

dal $egno al fine


Girls, girls, girls were made to love!

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