Girls, girls, girls (Video)

|: Girls, Girls, Girls :|

Yellow, red, black or white
add a little bit of moonlight
For this intercontinental romance.

Shy girl, sexy girl
they all like that fancy world
Champagne, a gentle song and a slow dance.

Who makes it fun to spend your money?
Who calls you 'honey' 'most ev'ry day?

|: Girls, girls, girls :|

Well, they made 'em up in HolIywood
and put them into the movies
Those lovely photographic splendours.

In and out of magazines
Miss World and beauty queens
Falling in love with the real big spenders.

But although their world may be frantic
They're still romantic in their own way.

So hop on, the world is swinging.
Don't sit and twiddle your thumbs
Get up and meet those pretty girls, girls, girls
Step on, the world keeps swinging
Put on the dazzling charm
Get up and find those pretty girls.

But don't rush, keep it nice and gentle
And sentimental for that certain moment.

Moonlit oceans, girls full of emotions,
stepping on that slow boat to China
And next door, in Japan, they know how to please a man,
dropping in for tea with my geisha.

They've got that old-fashioned feeling
When it comes to pleasing they know their way.

Chorus (bis)

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