Tony Ronald

Help, get me some help (Video)

I found a love, but it didn't last
Wonderful days belong to the past
I don't know where I stand, what I'm to do
Tried to forget, and I found someone new.

So I prayed on my knees to heaven above
Send me somebody please, someone to love
Lend an ear to my story, give me your hand
Don't let me down with a heart to be ment.

I'm screaming like hell but nobody hears me
Nobody hears me.

Help, get me some help
Tonight I need someone to stay by my side
Help, get me some help
I'm all alone and worried, so please, please hurry
Help, get me some help
You've got to find a way to keep me alive
Help, get me some help
Can't keep myself from crying, I feel like dying.

Friends used to call when life was all right
Since, here I wonder where they could be
I'm all alone and I'm feeling tired
No-one on earth seems to care about me.

Tried to join everyone I know on the phone
Wished they'd light up my world when sunshine is gone
So I'd ring every bell and knocked on each door
No-one but me in this place anymore.


Chorus (bis)

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