The ugly ducklings

Gaslight (Audio)

She don't really want my love,
but she won't set me free -- she wants to hold me
She's gonna make me blow my mind
if I don't get away, my doctor told me.

I'm walking around, talking to myself,
but don't know where I'm at half the time
I look at her picture, I see her face
I think of what she is, and I start crying.

Gaslight, that oughta be her name, 'cause she's everybody's flame
Gaslight, you can turn her on to the level you desire
Gaslight, she'll light you up and set you a-fire
Gaslight, you better be cool or you'll wind up a fool like me.

Lord, there's gotta be a way to change that girl
You know how much I need her
She knows what she's got on me
And she knows that I can't bring myself to leave her.


Chorus (bis)

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