Gamblin' Rose

|: Gamblin' Rose :|
Why you gambled no-one knows
Have your sins blown
Greatness you've shown
Should fans cling to a gamblin' Rose?

You gambled on, gambled on
games of baseball, now you're gone
Will they vote to re-instate you,
or forever are you gone?

|: Gamblin' Rose :|
Charlie Hustle in repose
You were uncool,
broke the gold rule
Should we forgive a gamblin' Rose?

|: Gamblin' Rose :|
Does admittance soften blows?
Will fate shame you
or Hall of Fame* you?
|: Only God knows I suppose :|

*Kaum zu glauben, aber selbst solche Nomina kann man im Englischen als Zeitwörter mißbrauchen verbalisieren ;-)

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