Rusty Draper

Gambler's Guitar (Video)

Speak of the hearts that this vagabond has broken
Tell of the fun that I've had
Speak of the loving and the laughing and the joking
|: Back when I was glad :|
Now let's play it real pretty, my guitar.

Tell of the time when the riverboats were churning
Oh what a gambler's spree
Tell of the time when old lady luck was burning
|: Every one but me :|
Now let's tell it again, my guitar.

Well tell of the time when I took my biggest gamble
In a game where hearts were high
Tell of the way that my heart began to ramble
|: When she caught me eye :|
Now just once more, my guitar.

Go tell all my friends this life's a game of poker
A fool and his gold must part
And in this hectic world the biggest fools the joker
|: Who gambles with his heart :|
Now let's tell it real sad, my guitar.

That's the story of the gambler's guitar!

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