Hildegard Knef

From here on it gets rough (Audio)

I came to the world on a cold winter's day,
sneezed three times, it must have been hay
My father was livid, he wanted a son
I took a look 'round and said to the nun:

From here on it gets rough!

At first I found I had little to do
They allowed me to grow, a room with a view
But after a while they hit on a plan:
It's time to start learning, the trouble began.

From here on it got rough!

At fifteen I had a dream, which I found very clever
I wanted to act, mama said: no, never!
My father said: out! I was already gone
and followed the call: the show must go on!

From here on it got rough!

My talents were spotted, producers were proud,
and gave me those parts where you stand in the crowd
When the star became ill I stepped in like a shot
And someone from film signed me up on the spot.

From here on it got rough!

I played all the good parts and sometimes the bad
And sometimes a fig leaf was all that I had
And Hollywood said it would certainly die,
if I didn't come soon so I went - aye, aye, aye!

From here on it got rough!

But now I was famous, I'd made it at last
And happily back to the scene of my past
I received a big prize, had my name in Who's Who
But after a flop that name was taboo.

From here on it got rough!

At first I was hurt, I thought it was wrong
Then somebody heard me singing a song
I told him: I couldn't, but he said, yes, you can
So that's how this latest torment began.

A change was overdue -- from here it's rough on you!

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