Mickey Newbury

Frisco depot (Audio)

Frisco's a full day from home when you can afford to fly
But it might as well be the moon, when you're as broke as I
Here I sit with my head in my hands and watch the trains roll by
Lord, the Helping Hand Mission man warned me, the nights here got cold.

When you're cold there's nothing as welcome as sunshine
When you're dry there's nothing as welcome as rain
When you're alone there's nothing no slower than passing time
When you're afoot there is nothing as fast as a train.

Yes, Frisco's a mighty rich town, now that ain't no lie
Why, they've got some buildings that reach a mile into the sky
Yet no-one can even afford the time just to tell me why
here's this world full of people, and so many people alone.

'cause when you're alone you ain't got much reason for living
But while you're alive, well, you just gotta live with your pain
Unless you've been 'lone for so long there's no-one left for giving,
and you find yourself searching your past for the links to the chain.

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