Uriah Heep

Free me (Video) (Audio)

|: Free me :| Why won't you free me?
Free me from your spell!
Come on and free me! Why won't you free me?
Come on and |: free me :| from your spell!

Why should I worry that you might not love me
You're not the only love that I've ever had
Your sweet memory will always comfort me
So why should I be feeling sad?

As far as I can tell you knew so well
I was always at the end of the line
I've loved you as much as any man can,
but not enough to make you mine.

So long, easy rider, I know I'll miss you for a while
But sooner or later I know that I'll forget you
And I [tell/*beg] you, baby:



We let a good love die, we let it pass us by,
though you tried to keep me hanging on
But with all this doubt it'll never work out
So tomorrow I'll be travelling on, and saying:


Chorus (bis)

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