Mia Martini

Freedom is today (Audio*)

(1st stanza:)
Love is life, you live it
Take less time, you keep it
[**And] You'll find out the hard way
Freedom is today.

(2nd stanza:)
See the eagle flying
Hear the baby crying
Are you really trying?
Freedom lives on today.

(3rd stanza:)
Stop to smell the flowers
Yes, the day will show us
mother nature's powers
Freedom grows today.

(4th stanza:)
Chances are for taking
Your senses should awaken
But man, your dawn is breaking
Freedom awakes today.

(5th stanza:)
No more chains to bind you
Put the past behind you!
Tomorrow's light can blind you
Freedom sees the day. 

3rd stanza

2nd stanza

4th stanza

5th stanza

1st stanza** (bis)

*Ihre englische Aussprache is not the yellow from the egg, wie Lübke Westerwelle gesagt hätte. Die Macher von Diggiloo thrush haben einen stark abweichenden Text; aber ich verstehe ihn so, wie hier wiedergegeben.

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