Sylia Saynt

For my birthday (Audio)

For my birthday I don't want a diamond ring
For my birthday, I don't need a purchased thing
For my birthday, unimportant things will never do 
All I want is you.

Don't send flowers, pretty flowers I adore
chocolate, candy isn't what I'm hoping for
Save your money, money doesn't make a wish come true
All I want is you.

Happy birthday, happy birthday!
What a happy, happy birthday it would be,
if you tell me that you love me,
and you give you love, all your love to me.

For my birthday bring a kiss for every year
For my birthday I just wanna have you near
Here's our secret, better bring your presence right away,
'cause my birthday is today
Better bring it right away,
any time as of today 
Hurry up and don't be late
Don't the hour slip away!

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