Forever and ever (Video)

As it was in the beginning then so should it end
Don't let a lover become just a friend -- oh no.
I made you a promise I vowed I would keep
The candle 's still burning, the river runs deep -- my love.

Didn't you know, didn't you feel
|: Couldn't you tell that it was real? :|

I'll dedicate to you 
all my love, my whole life through
I'll love you forever and ever 
Ev'ry day, ev'ry hour we share
I'll treasure you, I swear 
I'll love you forever and ever.

What we joined together let none tear apart
We give one another our hand and our heart -- my love.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Will love last forever? I know that it must -- my love.

Now you can see, now you can feel
|: Now you can tell that it was real :|

Chorus (bis)

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