Graham Bonney

Fly me high, Lorelei (Audio)

Fly me high, Lorelei,
sweet and like (...?)
Guitar sounds through the night,
shadows in her eyes shine by the candle light.

Fly me high, Lorelei
Here am I to sing before you
Join me in love's parade
Listen through the darkness my sweet serenade.

With the summerwine, a little more time,
just one kiss away
I will feel so bad, ease my mind
So here I am to say:

When the stars are fading, day is breaking,
will you see it through?
When will all those sights, Lorelei
mean the same to you? (fine)

By and by, Lorelei,
sweet and like (...?)
Join me in love's parade
Listen once again to my sweet serenade.

dal $egno al fine


|: |: Lorelei :| :|

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