Oliver Onions

Flying through the air

Flying through the air
side by side we dip bend and climb
Flying through the air so free
Feel them left behind below us

Flying through the air, mad old you and me
We are going at it just for kicks for kicks you'll see
That they'll wish they were you, right along here with me, you and me.

Climbing through the sky
Leaving all our thoughts far away
Climbing feel the stars up here
Touch your eyes and fall beside you

Side by side we soar, me and you just glide
We are gaming in a fall a fall a fall we feel
But it's all in your mind as we turn round and climb right back here.


Great white silver bird soars again to catch
Good old mister sun who hides who hides who hides for fun
But it's all in the game, life is still all the same, here we go.


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