The Statler Brothers

Flowers on the wall (Video)

I keep hearing you're concerned about my happiness
But all that thought you're giving me is conscience I guess
If I was walking in your shoes, I wouldn't worry none
While you and your friends are worried 'bout me, I'm having lots of fun.

Counting flowers on the wall that don't bother me at all
Playing solitaire till dawn with a deck of fifty-one
Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo
Now don't tell me I've nothing to do.

Last night I dressed in tails, pretended I was on the town
As long as I can dream it's hard to slow this swinger down
So please don't give a thought to me, I'm really doing fine
You can always find me here, I'm having quite a time


It's good to see you, I must go, I know I look a fright
Anyway my eyes are not accustomed to this light
And my shoes are not accustomed to this hard concrete
So I must go back to my room and make my day complete


Don't tell me I've nothing to do!

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