The Wurzels

Farmer Bill's cowman (Video) (Audio)

It's a hard life when you're working on the farm!

Down on the farm, I don't need no alarm,
I rise from my bed at five thirty
Around six o'clock, I puts on (...?)
I'm feeling like Burlington Bertie
Out in the pen, there's a broody old hen,
she is as wild as a tiger (meouw)
You try to touch her egg, and she'll bite off your leg
I feed her on faggots and cider (come on!)

La la la...
They call me Farmer Bill's cowman
La la la...
I'm proud to be Farmer Bill's cowman.

She were a proper little Rhode Island Red, she were)

I works very hard, out in the yard,
squelching around in the muck, Sir
I drink every night, plays tricks with me sight
I can't tell a drake from a duck, Sir
I felt such a fool, tried milking the bull
He must have enjoyed it somehow, man
Now every day at three, he comes and says, I'm free
That's why I'm Farmer Bill's cowman (all together!)


I think he had his eye on I, you know!

Day after day, I labours away,
as work in the cowshit keeps piling
With shovel and stick, I lays it on thick
In spite of the sight I keep smiling
It was love at first sight, I loved her alright
But she were engaged to the ploughman
Now I'm her debonair Somerset millionaire
I'm only Farmer Bill's cowman (come on there!)

Chorus (bis)

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