Wess & Dori Ghezzi


I check my watch a thousand times
It's always only five to nine
I never felt this way before
Fooling, I'm not fooling.

Some people just can't understand
A man is what he is, a man
I never said such things before
Falling, yes, I'm falling.

Head over heels like I never did
Living my life like a little kid
Touching your face and caring, sharing, falling
Here I go and

Falling in love with you more each day
Couldn't go on if you walked away
Couldn't get by without your loving
Caring, sharing (fine)

I know we're gonna have to fight
It won't be easy, that's all right
As long as I can feel you near
Fooling, I'm not fooling.

Together we can make it on
I'll keep you safe, I'll keep you warm
Hang on and I'll lead the way
Falling, yes, I'm falling.

dal $egno al fine

|: I'm falling... na na na... :|

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