Everybody join hands (Video) (Audio)

Read the paper - what do you see?
War in Asia, hunger and greed
Murder in the Bronx, rape in the park*

Pollution in the city, tomorrow looks so dark. (Chorus:) Everybody join hands with your fellow men and work together to save our land! Take a look around, take a look inside Oh, can't you see we gotta turn the tide? Man in the prison, calling out to me, needs another chance, wants to be free And in a way, like that man, we're just as guilty if we don't lend a hand. Chorus If things go on like this much further We're gonna be guilty of murder [guilty of murder] So let's start thinking 'bout tomorrow today, please don't delay! Start to love, stop this hate Change the world, it's not too late Work for freedom, work for peace And try to make this madness cease! Chorus La la la la la la...

*Damals - 1972 - wurden solche Ereignisse in den staatlich kontrollierten Mainstreammedien noch nicht aus Gründen der "political correctness" totgeschwiegen.

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