Josephine Foster

Eileen Aroon (Audio)

When, like the early rose, Eileen Aroon,
beauty in childhood grows, Eileen Aroon,
when, like a diadem,
buds blush around the stem,
which is the fairest gem? Eileen Aroon! (fine)

Is it the laughing eye, Eileen Aroon?
Is it the timid sigh, Eileen Aroon?
Is it the tender tone,
soft as the stringed harp's moan?
Or is it truth alone, Eileen Aroon?

Who in the song so sweet? Eileen Aroon!
Who in the dance so sweet? Eileen Aroon!
Dear were her charms to me,
dearer her laughter free,
dearest her constancy, Eileen Aroon.

Youth must with time decay, Eileen Aroon
Beauty must fade away, Eileen Aroon
Castles are sacked in war
Chieftains are scattered far
Truth is a fixed star, Eileen Aroon.

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