Oliver Onions - Dune Buggy

Oliver Onions

Dune Buggy (Audio)

Come with me for fun in my buggy
Come along, let's go for the hell of it
See the faces 'round, they're all looking
Wonder if they'd like to come for a ride.

I'll bet you anything, now she's with me
there'll be no trouble, troubles around
Bet you'll |: never ever get away :| Dune Buggy.

See the world spin 'round in Dune Buggy
String along, let's scram far out off the ground
Never felt so good, she's a beauty
Bet she is a sight for your poor old eyes.

I'll bet you anything, boys on their bikes
will have some trouble following us
Bet they |: never ever catch us up :| Dune Buggy.

(*|:) I feel Iike a king (*:|) in my buggy
Just the crown is missing, but that's alright
Come on people, come on my buggy
Come and feel the power of a starry night! (fine)


dal $egno al fine* (bis)

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