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Drina (Audio)

Drina, little wooden soldier boy,
playmate* for your little drummer boy
He'll grow big and tall
and leave you for a living doll
He'll be glad, but you'll never know it,
for if you could show it, you'd be sad.

Drina, life is just a big parade,
marching to a wedding serenade
($) Lovers when in bloom
become a happy bride and groom
How they dance, full of gay* romance,
while wooden hearts are left without a chance.

Music, music, swinging and a-dancing,
hopping to the polka band
Hoopla, hoopla, happy is the bride,
when everybody takes her by her hand
Singing, dancing, drinking to the future,
wishing happiness and joy
Someday, Drina, maybe you'll be lucky
with another little drummer boy.


dal $egno al fine

*Wie sich doch der Sprachgebrauch geändert hat! 1964 war "playmate" noch ein Spielgefährte; und "gay" bedeutete ganz einfach fröhlich!

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