Drag queen

Feathers and dresses, and the fake boobs too
Dressing up like a woman only for you
The government says that I am male by law
But every once in a while, I'll put on a bra.

Drag queen, that's what I like to be
Drag queen, that title sticks just fine to me
Drag queen, I'm really not a man
I like me just fine just the way that I am.

Some people say that duct tape isn't right
But a small roll can get me through the night
Some people try to look right up my skirt
Well, I just close my legs and tell them not to flirt.


Hey fellas, why don't you try to pick me up?
I'm five-eleven with a double D cup
I can't keep moving from stage to stage
I could get used badly at my young age.


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