Cindy Ellis

Do you think of me? (Video)

Say that you still remember
intimate moments we've know
Tell me you miss each warm and tender kiss! (fine)

|: (Do) Do you think of me? :|
(Do) Do you ever stop and wonder
why we said that last good-bye?
Do you still think of me?

(Ooh) Have your dreams come true
(Ooh) since I last saw you?
(Ooh) Or is there a chance
that maybe you've been half as sad as I      
after thinking it through.

da capo al fine

(Ooh) Do you think of me
(Ooh) and what used to be?
(Ooh) But if I'm a page forgotten
in your book of love gone by,
darling, tell me a lie:
Say you think of me!

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