Dolly Parton

Down (Video)

Well, I spent all my money on everyone else
I just kept handing it out right and left
They didn't appreciate none of my help, I have found
And I had me someone, I was so much in love
But they just walked off after using me up
I cried like a baby, it hurt me so much
Now I'm down, I'm sure down.

Oh, I know that I'm down, but I'm gonna get up
I just need some time, I need a little streak of good luck
And you know that it's rough when your biting the dust like I am
Oh, you try to do right, but tell me: where did that get you?
People just use you, and then they forget you
But it won't take me long to get my feet back on solid ground
But now I'm down [*I'm just down].

But when I get my life back in order again
Well I'll still be willing to help out my friends
And if you need somebody or wished it had been, I'll be around
And I'll be spending that money on everyone else
I'll just be a-handing it out right and left
And I'll find a new love, I wont live by myself
I'm just down for now, I'm just down.


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