Cliff Richard

Don't turn the light out

On my way home I met an old friend of mine
We walked and we talked and shared a bottle of wine
We started to dance, and my intentions were good
How could I know I'd be misunderstood?

I promised to call before the weekend was through
We'd all get together so she could meet you
I was just being friendly, I met her by chance
You gotta believe me, it's not a romance.

Don't turn the light out, I'm starting to see
Don't turn the light out, you're getting to me
Don't turn the light out, we're burning so bright
|: Don't turn the light out :|

You gotta see it from my point of view
The same situation could happen to you
I said it was over before she left town
I can't believe that you're putting me down.


It would be easy if you'd lighten up
Do it to please me, enough is enough
All that we've been through, how can you doubt?
The ups and the downs are what loving's about -- so


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