Don't play your Rock'n Roll to me

Don't play your rock'n'roll to me,
That ain't the way it's meant to be,
I ain't so blind that I can't see,
Just let it lie, let it be.

Well I know you think I'm crazy, hangin' round,
But I was sort of hopin' you'd change, from the girl I'd found.
But your words just sound like rock 'n' roll lies to me,
And they're just about as burned out, as a worn out forty-five,
And you can't expect them to keep our love alive - so


Well I guess you had me fooled for a while,
With your come-on looks, and your Mona Lisa smile.
But your rock'n'roll is getting out of time, to me,
Go sing your lines to someone else, that someone else may be,
The fool you always thought you saw in me - so


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