The Angelettes

Don't let him touch you (Audio)

You meet a boy, bright sparkling eyes
He seems kind of nice, p'rhaps a little shy
He'll walk you home, kiss you on the doorstep
Next night he'll hold your hand, and...

|: Don't let him touch you! :|
He's playing the game of love,
and he is trying to see how much you let him have,
and if he has you* he will run away and leave you
If he has you*, he will leave you -- don't let him touch you!

You talk and talk, how it's hard for guys
He'll be good to you, hold you when you cry
He is the only one, now your love life's begun
He'll hold you close to him, and...

Chorus (bis)


He says he's going to quit, you don't know what to do that night
You love him so, you think perhaps you might
Your heart beats fast -- is the moment here at last?
He'll hold your body tight, and...

Chorus (bis)

|: Don't let him touch you! :|

*Ich versuche, mich zu erinnern, ob man das 1972 so sagte; ich glaube, man sagte eher "he's had you". Übrigens war ich damals in England und habe diese Platte dort nie gehört - angeblich stand sie auf dem inoffiziellen Index der BBC.

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