Ray Stevens

Don't boogie woogie (Audio)

I was feeling kind of poorly, ooh,
and I hadn't been looking too fine
I just had to find out
what was ailing this body of mine.

So I went to my family doctor
to get my temperature and set me straight, hey!
And the first thing he did was to tell me to quit
eating every good thing I ate, wow!

And then he told me I had to stop smoking, ooh,
lay off of that beer and whiskey
He said, you need all the help you can get, my friend,
and confidentially...

He looked at me, he shook his head
And like a friend, he took my hand and he said:

|: Don't boogie woogie when you say your prayers tonight :|
You've been over-rocking and that ain't right
You better turn on the Lord when you turn out the light
I said, don't boogie woogie when you say your prayers tonight!

Then he wired me up like a spaceman
and he turned on that cardiograph
The needle went out of sight and the doc turned white
and he called in his entire staff.

Then he cried out in disbelief, ooh,
and told me with stern conviction
He said, if you don't live right, son, you're gonna die
of cholesterol constriction, yeah!

He looked at me, he shook his head
Here's a prescription that I know you're gonna dread, then he said:


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