Alvin Rhodes

Don't belt yourself

Some folks are lacking mental health
They often try to hurt themselves
The smallest things make them askew,
belt themselves black and blue
That's not something you should do.

They beat themselves repeatedly
They are in need of therapy
'cause if you practice self-abuse,
baby, I'm telling you,
you will end up all bruised.

Don't belt yourself in the lip, you'll do harm
This is absurd and so perverse
Don't belt yourself in the gut with your arms
Your socks have opened up some sores
You swing like hell with your fists, balled and curled
You let 'em fly right in the ribs
Don't belt yourself in the hips, I'm alarmed
This isn't any way to live.

A pinch ain't good enough for you
You like it rough and painful, too
You twitch and stomp and pull your hair
tufts, you clutch in despair,
your emotions are bare.


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