Paul Anka

Do I love you? (Audio*)

Beyond the shadow of a doubt,
as the mighty river flows,
as the meadow gaily plays
with the wind on summer days.

'bout as deep as deep can go,
from the canyons to the sky,
like a mother as she cares
for the baby that she bears.

Do I love you - don't you know by now?
Do I love you - must I show you how?
Do I love you - [must I always/**do I have to] say?
Do I love you? Yes, in every way!

About as sacred as a hymn,
and a Bible full of prayers,
from a whisper to a roar,
very much and even more.

And I shall show it with my eyes,
and share it with the night
If in death the Good Lord is kind,
you'll be the last thing on my mind.

Chorus** (bis)

*Der Uploader hat dankenswerterweise die Aufnahmen von 1971 und 1976 gegenübergestellt; ich folge hier der ersteren und verzichte darauf, die minimalen Abweichungen der letzteren - die ich nicht für besser halte - im Text eigens kenntlich zu machen.

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